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There are over 875 Jamba locations worldwide, making Jamba one of the most popular smoothie restaurants in the world. The company was founded by Kirk Perron, an avid cyclist and healthy-lifestyle advocate, who believed smoothies can be a healthy alternative to coffee. He was working at a Safeway supermarket when he came up with his business plan. In 1990, he opened the first Juice Club shop in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Jamba Juice was his student project, launched with the help of his mother. An early investor in Jamba was Starbucks founder Howard Schultz. The brand name “Jamba” is a play on the Swahili word “jama,” meaning “to celebrate”.

image: JAMBA

In June 2019, Jamba Juice dropped the word “Juice” to reflect its wider range of products. The 850-unit chain acquired the exact brand match domain name Jamba.com upgrading from JambaJuice.com. They now offer cereal and fruit bowls, a kiddy menu, breakfast and baked goods.

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