HeadlightsDepot.com upgrade to Headlights.com

HeadlightsDepot upgraded its domain name from HeadlightsDepot.com to Headlights.com to match its vision of becoming the authority in automotive lighting. Vendors and customers both were already referring to the company as Headlights, and so acquiring Headlights.com was a formal recognition of HeadlightsDepot’s niche, and its increasing visibility and name recognition in a competitive market.

The deal took 9 years to complete and was an integral step towards achieving the vision of becoming the authority in automotive lighting.

“For us, having the premium domain Headlights.com is the modern-day equivalent of opening a storefront on 5th Avenue. It promotes both awareness and trust.”

Jay Tannenbaum, CEO Headlights.com

Headlights’ mission is to provide hassle-free, high-quality, automotive safety products at affordable prices. They are a second-generation family business servicing the direct-to-consumer market through e-commerce since 2002, you can learn more about the business here.

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