FonoaTech.com upgrade to Fonoa.com

Founded at the end of 2018, Fonoa Technologies, a software company that automates taxes for platforms, marketplaces, digital service providers, and e-commerce globally, upgraded its domain from FonoaTech.com to the EBM (Exact Brand Match) Fonoa.com in March 2021. According to their website, Fonoa is building a fully distributed team with members in more than 10 countries across Europe.

This company certainly has great ambitions when it comes to building its brand. Ensuring a strong online presence at a time when everything is going digital is a great decision for any brand, especially for those who are aware of the importance of building trust with their potential customers and/or users. Great job, Fonoa, we salute you!

Kristina Mišić

Kristina comes from beautiful Belgrade and she always loved brands and the psychology behind them. In case you are wondering where you can find her, the answer is... on social media! And, yes, she checked you out already.

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