Rebrands rebrands as Oda

Since has developed the world’s most efficient online store for groceries, it has decided it is time for another step forward. The company announced it is changing its name from to Oda. Karl Munthe-Kaas, the Co-founder and CEO of Kolonial, explained that the word “Oda” means “Poem” or “Poetry” in Spanish and Italian.

We needed a name that works in all languages, that is simple and positive, like us.

Mats André Kristiansen, co-founder and brand director at

In 2021, Kolonial will step out of Norway so it also acquired the EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain name to enhance wider possibilities for expansion and growth. Without a doubt, it can count on more website visitors because .com reflects the global vision of the brand. The team behind this brand also invested in the domain name. Now they own their brand completely and that is how you show your customers that you care about providing them the easiest possible way to connect with you online – we salute them!

Kristina Mišić

Kristina comes from beautiful Belgrade and she always loved brands and the psychology behind them. In case you are wondering where you can find her, the answer is... on social media! And, yes, she checked you out already.

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