Clubhouse Upgrade From Joinclubhouse.com to Clubhouse.com

Clubhouse is an audio only chat app that went widely popular over the course of 2021. The app launched in 2020 and was initially available to iPhone users only, with an invitation from exiting members. Accelerated by the pandemic and the exclusivity factor Clubhouse went widely popular with over 34 million downloads a year from launch.

The app initially operated on JoinClubhouse.com. Another business was also using the brand name Clubhouse at the time – a project management tool on Clubhouse.io. The exact brand match .com was owned by Reflex Publishing Inc.

In April 2021 Clubhouse closed an undisclosed Series C round at a $4 Billion valuation. Shortly after it appeared they have invested in securing the domain name Clubhouse.com. The business who missed out on the .com rebranded to Shortcut.com

Domain name upgrades and rebrands are very common when startups launch a new business on a compromise domain name. There can only be one global brand and one .com exactly matching its name – the rest would be taking a lot of risks with their brand.

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Tatiana Bonneau

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity” - Philip Kotler
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