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United States Startups 2021 and Their Domain Choices

What choices do entrepreneurs make in the US when it comes to their brand online? The official country extension for the United States is .us. It is reserved to citizens and businesses in the US. You can be an individual, corporation, or nonprofit organization, but you must be a permanent resident or have your business operating in the United States if you want to have a domain name with the .us extension. A curious story with .us is that in 2002 there was a second level domain extension set up with it – and it was meant for education content. Fast forward to 2012, due to its lack of popularity the was suspended. By that time only 651 domains were registered under, and only six registrants were operating active websites.

We’ve combined the findings of fundz and CBInsights along with our ongoing research to compile a list of successful companies. Let’s have a look at what their domain names are like. Ironically only 48 of the businesses on the list have the .us extension. The reasoning is likely their audience – most are operating online and so targeting global customers so the .com extension proves to be more familiar and less limiting.

domain extensionnumber of startups

Over 83% of funded startups in the US chose the .com extension for their online presence. Here is how the other extensions compare visually.

3.5% of businesses have a dash in their name.

Here is the full table with all the data.

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Tatiana Bonneau

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity” - Philip Kotler
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