FrontApp.com upgrade to Front.com

Front is a customer communication platform that strives to improve customer experience while also increasing the efficiency of the overall process by offering a tailor-made service.

Only a few months ago, in March 2021, this company had raised $59 million. Front has recently invested in the EBM (exact brand match) domain name Front.com, upgrading from FrontApp.com.

According to WHOIS, the domain was previously owned by Fidelity National Information Services Inc., (FIS) an American Fortune 500 company that specializes in a wide range of financial services. Before FIS came into possession of this domain, it was owned by the multinational company SunGard Data Systems Inc.

It seems that Front made an excellent move by investing in an EBM domain. In this way, they own their brand name and had snatched it before anyone else did. Front.com is not something that you easily forget, right?

Have a look at how they announced their domain upgrade.

Kristina Mišić

Kristina comes from beautiful Belgrade and she always loved brands and the psychology behind them. In case you are wondering where you can find her, the answer is... on social media! And, yes, she checked you out already.

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