RibbonExperiences.com upgrade to Ribbon.com

Ribbon is a handy and intuitive online platform, which offers an all-in-one service to yoga studios and other creators. They can use Ribbon to host live events, on-demand courses, manage their memberships, build their customer base and much more. They were founded in 2020, and upgraded their domain RibbonExperiences.com to an EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain Ribbon.com as of June 2021. According to WHOIS, the domain Ribbon.com was previously registered to Next Navigation Pty Ltd, based in Australia, before being acquired by Ribbon.

It is not unusual for start-ups to use alternative domain names when taking their company out in the world for the first time. As we previously mentioned, before having switched to a one-word EBM domain, after a year or so, Ribbon used the alternative domain. This leads one to believe that being the owner of your own brand is in fact something a company is going to consider, sooner or later.

By having acquired a domain upgrade, Ribbon has improved their business prospects by investing in their brand. Also, having a quite popular brand name, they did this before another company under the same name had beaten them to it.

Now, Ribbon owns its brand in the digital setting. By investing in an EBM domain name with a .com extension, they have shown a clear intention to set their company up for success.

Kristina Mišić

Kristina comes from beautiful Belgrade and she always loved brands and the psychology behind them. In case you are wondering where you can find her, the answer is... on social media! And, yes, she checked you out already.

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