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Founded in 2011, Zoom is a video conferencing tool that has experienced huge growth in the past few years.  Everyone relocated their daily work activities to a home office, where using Zoom was an integral part of the deal. according to Alexa.com, Zoom.us was the 16th most trafficked website in the world at the beginning of July 2021. Zoom Video Communications Inc. is one of the top companies offering video chat services, and they have been using the domain Zoom.us domain at the beginning. 

As a lot of traffic was lost on users typing in Zoom.com, a domain they did not own, the company decided to acquire Zoom.com in December 2018. Now, when you type Zoom.com in your browser it redirects you to Zoom.us. They have opted to forward the traffic because now the Zoom.us domain has become familiar to users. 

Perhaps, this whole domain-related matter could have been avoided with the company acquiring the .com extension at the very start. According to a study by GrowthBadger, a website with the .com extension is a website people trust the most to click on. 

Now, they have the one-word EBM (exact brand match) domain in their possession. Also, Zoom is a catchy brand name as it is, right? It is memorable, and it makes users return to this brand. It builds brand value. 

Besides this, using a .com extension with your EBM domain name gives your brand and business more protection and security. At least owning your EBM domain, and using another is a great choice, as it prevents your competitors and other entities from getting their hands on it. This sheds a different light on this issue, especially when talking about the controversy with privacy and security issues that Zoom experienced last year. 

Kristina Mišić

Kristina comes from beautiful Belgrade and she always loved brands and the psychology behind them. In case you are wondering where you can find her, the answer is... on social media! And, yes, she checked you out already.

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