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Spectro Cloud closes Series B round at $20.000,000

Spectro Cloud was founded in 2019 by a team of multi-cloud management experts. The company helps enterprises run the entire lifecycle of any combination of new or existing, small or large Kubernetes environments through a complete and integrated platform.

Spectro Cloud just announced a $20M completion of Series A Funding led by Stripe and two other investors, bringing the total to $27.5M in funding over three rounds.

We have seen Kubernetes rapidly evolve from primarily developer-focused DIY projects, followed by the entrance of large vendors offering siloed Kubernetes platforms, to finally, today’s desire by organizations to unleash the true potential of Kubernetes in a way that is highly accessible, manageable, and scalable in real production environments.

Spectro Cloud CEO and Co-founder Tenry Fu

Spectro Cloud has chosen an exact brand match (EBM) .com extension domain name for its web presence. EBM domain is when the domain exactly matches the brand or keyword. The most popular brands use EBM domain names for their address on the web. Here is a short and handy guide about the EBMs and the benefits of using them by SmartBranding.

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