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Human Interest raises $200 million at a $1 billion valuation

What is Human Interest?

Human Interest is a 401(k) provider offering affordable, accessible retirement plans to businesses of all sizes.

What does Human Interest do?

The company built an end-to-end technology to help employees save for retirement and assist companies in solving administrative and compliance problems. Human interest operates in the USA.

Who owns Human Interest?

Human Interest was founded in 2015 under the legal name Human Interest, Inc.

How much has Human Interest been raised?

Human Interest raised $200M in a Series D round, totaling $336.7M in funding over eight rounds.

Who has invested in Human Interest?

The last funding was lead by The Rise Fund along with SoftBank Vision Fund and Susa Venture.

What domain name does Human Interest operate on?

Human Interest has secured and is operating on an exact brand name domain

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