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Ultrahuman completed a Series B funding round of $17.5 million

What is Ultrahuman?

Ultrahuman is a global health and fitness app-based platform.

What does Ultrahuman do?

The platform provides content and programs that work on mind, body, and recovery and helps users achieve their ultimate physical and mental potential. It offers a wearable health tech glucose monitor that allows users to track their metabolic health.

Who owns Ultrahuman?

Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal founded the company under the legal name Ultrahuman Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

How much has Ultrahuman raised?

Ultrahuman closed a $17.5 million Series B financing. The company has raised a total of $25 million so far.

Who has invested in Ultrahuman?

Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI), backed by DisruptAD, led the funding.

What domain name does Ultrahuman operate on?

Ultrahuman has chosen the domain name.

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