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Bay Area robotics company Rapid Robotics raised $36.7 million in a Series B round

What is Rapid Robotics?

Rapid Robotics is a Bay Area robotics company.

What does Rapid Robotics do?

The company provides box automation for manufacturers. 

Who owns Rapid Robotics?

Jordan Kretchmer and Ruddick Lawrence founded the company in San Francisco Bay Area.

How much has Rapid Robotics raised?

The company announced that it raised $36,7 million in a Series B round. Rapid Robotics has raised a total of $54.2M in funding over four rounds.

Who has invested in Rapid Robotics?

Six investors fund rapid Robotics. 468 Capital and New Enterprise Associates are the most recent investors.

What domain name does Rapid Robotics operate on?

The company has chosen an exact brand match domain

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