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Cora completed a Series B funding round of $116 million

What is Cora?

Cora is a fintech company.

What does Cora do?

The company provides digital accounts for small and medium businesses.

Who owns Cora?

Igor Senra Magalhaes and Leonardo Soares Barbosa Mendes founded the company in 2019 under the legal name Cora Pagamentos LTDA.

How much has Cora raised?

Cora has completed a Series B funding round of $116 million. The startup has now raised a total of $152.7 million since its 2019 inception.

Who has invested in Cora?

Greenoaks Capital and Greenoaks Capital led the latest funding round.

What domain name does Cora operate on?

Cora has chosen a local extension domain name Cora Bike Rack, Inc owns and operates the domain name.

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