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Paris-based MedTech company TISSIUM closed a $50 million Series C financing

What is TISSIUM?

TISSIUM is a privately owned medical tech company.

What does TISSIUM do?

The company develops biodegradable sealants and adhesives to reconstruct damaged tissue and restore its natural function.

Who owns TISSIUM?

Bernard Gilly, Christophe Bancel, Jeff Karp, Maria Pereira, and Robert Langer founded the company in 2013 in Paris, France.

How much has TISSIUM raised?

TISSIUM closed a $50 million Series C financing, which brings the company’s total raised to $156.3 million in funding over nine rounds.

Who has invested in TISSIUM?

funding lead by Accel and nine other investors.

What domain name does TISSIUM operate on?

TISSIUM has chosen the exact brand match

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