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Pluang closed a $55 million Series B funding round

What is Pluang?

Pluang is a financial technology application.

What does Pluang do?

Pluang provides digital micro-savings and micro-investment products.

Who owns Pluang?

Claudia Kolonas, Iwan Tjam, and Richard Chua founded the company in 2019 in Indonesia.

How much has Pluang raised?

The company closed its $55 million Series B round, adding an additional $35 million to the $20 million raised in March.

Who has invested in Pluang?

Square Peg led the Series B round with the participation of SIG, UOB Venture Management, among other investors.

What domain name does Pluang operate on?

Pluang is operating on the exact brand match domain name

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