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Sleeper raised $40 million in a Series C funding round

What is Sleeper?

Sleeper is fantasy leagues and eSports platform.

What does Sleeper do?

The platform has developed a community that allows users to experience a sporting event in a shared and lasting way.

Who owns Sleeper?

Henry Leung, Ken Wang, Nan Wang, and Weixi Yen founded the company in 2015 under the legal name Blitz Studios, Inc.

How much has Sleeper raised?

The company announced that it raised $40 million in a Series C funding round. Sleeper has raised a total of $67.3 million in funding over five rounds.

Who has invested in Sleeper?

 Andreessen Horowitz led the latest funding round.

What domain name does Sleeper operate on?

Sleeper is operating on the domain name.

What other domains does Sleeper own?

The company has also secured the domain name.

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