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Lightricks closed a $100 million Series D investment round

What is Lightricks?

Lightricks is an Android developer.

What does Lightricks do?

Lightricks develops video and image editing mobile apps by integrating advanced computer vision, computer graphics, and image processing technologies.

Who owns Lightricks?

Amit Goldstein, Itai Tsiddon, Nir Pochter, Yaron Inger, and Zeev Farbman founded the company in 2013.

How much has Lightricks raised?

The company closed a $100 million Series D investment round, which brings the company’s total raise to $335M in funding over five rounds.

Who has invested in Lightricks?

12 investors fund Lightricks. ClalTech and Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services are the most recent investors.

What domain name does Lightricks operate on?

Lightricks has chosen an exact brand match domain name

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