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Zola Electric closed a $90 million funding round

What is Zola Electric?

Zola Electric is a renewable energy company.

What does Zola Electric do?

The company provides renewable energy solutions using the most advanced solar, battery, and power electronics technologies.

Who owns Zola Electric?

Erica Mackey, Joshua Pierce, and Xavier Helgesen founded the company in 2012 in the Netherlands under the legal name ZOLA Electric Netherlands B.V.

How much has Zola Electric raised?

Zola Electric closed a $90 million funding raised is a combination of debt and equity.

Who has invested in Zola Electric?

FMO and SunFunder led the debt while TotalEnergies Ventures led the equity financing.

What domain name does Zola Electric operate on?

Zola Electric is operating on the exact brand match

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