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Whatagraph raised $7.2 million at the Series A funding round

What is Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is a Saas marketing platform.

What does Whatagraph do?

The platform provides data collection, visualization, and delivery for marketing agencies and teams. 

Who owns Whatagraph?

Andrius Malinauskas, Justas Malinauskas, Tomas Malinauskas founded Whatagraph on Apr 15, 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How much has Whatagraph raised?

Whatagraph announced that it raised $7.2 million at the Series A funding round.

Who has invested in Whatagraph?

Seven investors fund Whatagraph. LitCapital and Inventure are the most recent investors.

What domain name does Whatagraph operate on?

Whatagraph is operating on the exact brand match domain name.

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