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MandM Direct, an online clothing store based in the United Kingdom, was started as M and M Sports in 1987 when Mark Ellis and Martin Churchward started selling end-of-line clearance sports products. In 2005, the company is re-branded as MandM Direct Ltd to reflect our fashion, sport and outdoor offer. The company explained its name MandM Direct originates from the first names of the founder’s Mark Ellis and Martin Churchward (the ‘two Ms’).

‘MM Direct’, ‘mnm’, ‘mdirect’, ‘mandm sports’ – trust us, we’ve heard them all! MandM Direct originates from the first names of our founders (the ‘two Ms’). So MandM stands for Mark and Martin Direct!

MandM Direct

The company sells its products over the Internet and was the second-largest online fashion retailer in the UK in the 2010-s. In 2014, according to the reports, Danish fashion group Bestseller purchased MandM Direct Ltd for £140 million ($235 million).

MandM Direct acquired the domain name Mandm.com that is great for their site’s visitors considering they have a better chance of arriving at their intended website. By taking the time to brainstorm around their name and investing in this domain, they also protected their business against possible threats to their brand reputation.

The company stocks nearly 200 brands including Adidas, Timberland, Diesel, Henleys, Puma, etc., and now is one of Europe’s leading online off-price retailers – with over 3 million active customers.

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