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Tekion raises $250 million from a Series D funding round

What is Tekion?

Tekion is a cloud-native platform for the automotive retail industry.

What does Tekion do?

Dealers may use the company’s customized machine learning algorithms to sell more and create better experiences while saving money and increasing customer loyalty.

Who owns Tekion?

Tekion was founded in 2016 in San Ramon, California, by Guru Sankararaman and Jay Vijayan.

How much has Tekion raised?

The company has raised $435.1 million in six rounds of investment. Tekion completed its latest Series D funding round on October 5, 2021.

Who has invested in Tekion?

A group of 16 investors backs Tekion. The most recent investors are Hyundai Motor Company and Durable Capital Partners.

What domain name does Tekion operate on?

Tekion is operating on the exact brand match domain name.

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