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100ms raises $4.5 million funding in a Seed round

What is 100ms?

100ms is a live-video infrastructure platform.

What does 100ms do?

The company builds live video infrastructure powering billions of minutes a day. 100ms helps integrate native iOS, Android & Web SDKs to add live video & audio conferencing to applications. 

Who owns 100ms?

The company was founded in 2020 by Aniket Behera, Kshitij Gupta, and Sarvesh Dwivedi.

How much has 100ms raised?

100ms raised $4.5 million in a Seed funding round on the 5th of October.

Who has invested in 100ms?

Accel and STRIVE fund the Seed round.

What domain name does 100ms operate on?

The company is operating on domain name. The domain name is currently listed for sale.

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