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Recruiting platform ModernLoop secures $3.1 million

What is ModernLoop?

ModernLoop is a recruiting operations platform.

What does ModernLoop do?

ModernLoop develops software that facilitates the organization and management of business interviews. It helps with interview scheduling, sending reminders, and resolving meeting conflicts.

Who owns ModernLoop?

Christopher Triolo and Lydia Han established ModernLoop in 2020.

How much has ModernLoop raised?

ModernLoop has raised $3.1 million in two rounds of investment. Their most recent funding came from a Seed round on October 5, 2021.

Who has invested in ModernLoop?

3 investors fund ModernLoop. Webb Investment Network and Accel are the most recent investors.

What domain name does ModernLoop operate on?

The company is operating on the domain name. The domain name is for sale.

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