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NeuroBlade lands $83 million from a Series C funding round

What is NeuroBlade?

NeuroBlade is an AI chip developer.

What does NeuroBlade do?

From the edge to the data center, the company’s chip solution lets organizations go forward by boosting the efficiency and affordability of their products. 

Who owns NeuroBlade?

Founded in 2017 by Elad Sity and Eliad Hillel, NeuroBlade is headquartered in Israel.

How much has NeuroBlade raised?

NeuroBlade recently announced that it raised $83 million in a Series B round, bringing its total funding to $110.5 million in three rounds.

Who has invested in NeuroBlade?

UMC Capital led the latest funding with the participation of  Marubeni, bringing the total number of investors to ten.

What domain name does NeuroBlade operate on?

NeuroBlade has invested in the exact brand match thus making the most out of their marketing across channels and avoiding security risks.

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