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Cornami closed a $50 million Series C funding round

What is Cornami?

Cornami is a high-performance computing (HPC) company that increases compute performance.

What does Cornami do?

The company has developed and patented multi-core technology that reduces the use of power sources and lower latency while increasing the compute performance of products and their ROI in a variety of markets.

Who owns Cornami?

Cornami is based in San Francisco Bay Area. Fred Furtek, Gordon Campbell, and Paul Master founded the company in 2012.

How much has Cornami raised?

Cornami has raised $83.1 million in 6 rounds of investment. On October 7, 2021, they closed a Series C round of funding.

Who has invested in Cornami?

SoftBank Vision Fund and Impact Venture Capital are the two investors in the company.

What domain name does Cornami operate on?

Cornami has invested in the exact brand match thus making the most out of their marketing across channels and avoiding security risks.

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