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AI platform Clarifai raised $60 million in Series C funding

What is Clarifai?

Clarifai is a deep learning AI platform.

What does Clarifai do?

The company provides artificial intelligence for unstructured image, video, and text data, helping organizations structure them faster and more accurately.

Who owns Clarifai?

Founded in 2013 by Matt Zeiler, the company is based in the Greater Philadelphia area.

How much has Clarifai raised?

Clarifai raised $60 million in Series C funding reaching a total of $100 million of funding.

Who has invested in Clarifai?

New Enterprise Associates led the latest funding with the participation of Corazon Capital and Trousdale Capital. Previous backers include Menlo Ventures and Union Square Ventures.

What domain name does Clarifai operate on?

Clarifai operates on the exact brand match domain This ensures their brand is well protected online, avoids traffic and email leaks as well as confusion amongst their customers and business partners.

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