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SwiftConnect closes Seed round with $7 million funding

What is SwiftConnect?

SwiftConnect is an office building operating platform.

What does SwiftConnect do?

SwiftConnect provides SaaS solutions that give companies and their employees flexible scheduling, variable space usage, seamless visitor management, and space analytics.

Who owns SwiftConnect?

The company was founded last year by Konrad Kruger and  Matt Kopel under the legal name SwiftConnect Inc.

How much has SwiftConnect raised?

SwiftConnect closed its latest Seed funding round on Oct 15, 2021. The company has raised a total of $10 million in funding over two rounds.

Who has invested in SwiftConnect?

JLL Spark and  Navitas Capital led the latest funding round, bringing the total number of investors in the company to five.

What domain name does SwiftConnect operate on?

The company operates on the domain name. .io is a common choice among startups, despite scandals about who in fact benefits from the sales of .io domains.

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