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Serbian-based analytics platform Orgnostic closed $5 million

What is Orgnostic?

Orgnostic is a human capital analytics platform.

What does Orgnostic do?

The company develops a platform providing investors and teams with insights that link organizational dynamics with companies’ bottom lines.

Who owns Orgnostic?

Igor Bogicević and Luka Babić founded the company in 2019 in Serbia.

How much has Orgnostic raised?

The company has raised two funding rounds so far for a total of $5.9 million. The funds will be used to accelerate the further development of the platform.

Who has invested in Orgnostic?

Nine investors are funding Orgnostic. Earlybird Venture Capital and 122West Ventures are the lead investors in the company.

What domain name does Orgnostic operate on?

You can see Orgnostic mean business by looking at their domain name choice – the brand has secured, an exact brand match name with the global .com extension.

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