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Zoba raised $12 million to improve the productivity of mobility operators

What is Zoba?

Zoba is a Decision automation software for urban mobility..

What does Zoba do?

The company’s API-first platform helps with driver tasks and routing, dynamic pricing, and fleet rebalancing in over 150 cities around the globe.

Who owns Zoba?

Joseph Brennan founded the company in 2017 in Boston, MA.

How much has Zoba raised?

The company has raised four funding rounds so far, securing $15.5 million in total.

Who has invested in Zoba?

NTTVC led the company’s latest funding round, bringing the number of investors in the company to nine.

What domain name does Zoba operate on?

The company has invested in the exact brand match thus making the most out of their marketing across channels and avoiding security risks.

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