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Fintech Hash lands $40 million for its payment software

What is Hash?

Hash is a white-label payments platform.

What does Hash do?

The company provides a white-label payments platform for B2B companies that enables clients to absorb financial transaction flows from all their buyers.

Who owns Hash?

Hash was founded by Joao Miranda and Thiago Arnese in 2017, in Brazil.

How much has Hash raised?

The company raised its latest funding round on Oct 20, 2021. The raise comes only six months after closing a $15 million Series B and brings their total funding to $58.7 million.

Who has invested in Hash?

QED Investors and Kaszek co-led the Series C round, joining the first company backer Canary.

What domain name does Hash operate on?

The company is using the domain name 3D software developer Hash Inc owns the exact brand match domain name

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