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PrivyID has secured $17.5 million in its most recent funding round

What is PrivyID?

PrivyID is a digital signature startup.

What does PrivyID do?

PrivyID is a universal identity enabler and digital signature provider, enabling users to handle tasks such as opening bank savings accounts, applying for insurance policies, and taking loans from fintech lenders without physically signing hard copies of documents.

Who owns PrivyID?

Guritno Adi Saputra and Marshall Pribadi founded the company in 2014 in Indonesia under the legal name PT Privy Identitas Digital.

How much has PrivyID raised?

PrivyID has secured $17.5 million in its most recent funding round. The company has raised a total of $23.6M in funding over three rounds.

Who has invested in PrivyID?

GGV Capital led the latest funding round for the company, joining returning investors like Mandiri Capital, MDI Ventures, Gunung Sewu Group, and others.

What domain name does PrivyID operate on?

The company operates on the domain name At the time of our visit, does not seem to have an active website on it.

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