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Pregnancy nutrition startup Needed lands $5.8 million

What is Needed?

Needed is a pregnancy nutrition startup.

What does Needed do?

The business promotes optimal nourishment before, during, and after pregnancy. Its products are currently available directly to consumers or through a network of health practitioners (doctors, doulas, nutritionists, and more).

Who owns Needed?

Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury launched Need in 2017 and are based in Los Angeles, California.

How much has Needed raised?

Needed raised $5.8 million in its latest funding round to expand its offerings to address stress, sleep, and fertility issues. The startup has raised a total of $8 million over three rounds.

Who has invested in Needed?

Boston-based Seae Ventures led the company’s latest round of funding, with participation from Portola Valley, Salt Lake City-based Peterson Partners, and Cali-based Crescent Ridge.

What domain name does Needed operate on?

Needed is operating on the domain name. At the time of our visit, does not seem to have an active website on it.

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