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Av Startup Momenta Raises Another $500 Million

What Momenta is and what does it do?

Momenta is an autonomous driving company from China. It aims to build brains for autonomous vehicles. 

Who founded Momenta?

Momenta was founded in 2016 by Cao Xudong, a former scientist at Microsoft Research.

How much has Momenta raised?

The Chinese self-driving startup has raised $500 million in a Series C funding, bringing the total funding to $1.2B.

Who has invested in Momenta?

General Motors, China’s state-owned SAIC Motor, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch. Singapore’s sovereign fund Temasek and Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Capital were also involved.

What domain name does Momenta operate on?

The brand does not operate on its exact brand match. And instead can be found own . The AI extension has been adopted by many tech startups as it usually offers a lot more availability than other TLDs and comes much cheaper for firms in early development.

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