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Motatos Raised $27.8 Million in a New Funding Round

What is Motatos, and what does it do?

Motatos provides a marketplace for people to purchase FMCG items that would otherwise be discarded due to factors such as excess quantity, expiration, or incorrect or damaged packaging at a fraction of the original price.

Who founded Motatos?

Karl Andersson founded the company in 2013. Motatos’s headquarter is in Denmark. 

How much has Motatos raised?

Motatos raised $27.8 million (€24 million) in a new round of funding.

Who has invested in Motatos?

Blume Equity led the round. 

What domain name does Motatos operate on?

Motatos has secured an exact brand match domain name for their brand –

What other domains does Motatos own?

Motatos has also secured and operates the following domains:;;;

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