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Berlin-Based Matter Labs Closed a $50 Million Series B Round

What is Matter Labs and what does it do?

Matter Labs is the blockchain company behind the Ethereum layer 2 scaling protocol zkSync.

Who founded Matter Labs?

Matter Labs was founded by Alex Gluchowski and Alexandr Vlasov in 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

How much has Matter Labs raised?

The startup closed a $50 million Series B round. The funds will be utilized to help Matter Labs expand its operations.

Who has invested in Matter Labs?

Silicon Valley VC Andreessen Horowitz led the round. Other investors include Placeholder, Dragonfly, and 1kx.

What domain name does Matter Labs operate on?

Matter Labs operate on the local country extension domain name The company has also included a dash in their domain. Dashes are often included with two-word brand names or with added words when the business has to compromise on their domain if the exact brand match name is taken/not within reach. The .com doesn’t seem to be resolving.

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