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Vint Raised $1.7 Million in a Pre Seed Round Led by Allied Venture Partners

What is Vint and what does it do?

Vint is the first SEC-qualified platform for wine and spirits collection investing. Qualified and experienced wine experts manage the collections, and anyone can invest with shares starting at $25 and no yearly fees.

Who founded Vint?

Founded in 2019 by Nick King and Patrick Sanders, Vint received SEC certification two years later, making it the first completely transparent, efficient platform for wine and spirits collection investing.

How much has Vint raised?

Vint raised $1.7 million in a Pre Seed round and plans to use the funds to accelerate its growth.

Who has invested in Vint?

Allied Venture Partners and 5 other investors.

What domain name does Vint operate on?

The startup has chosen to operate on the .co extension securing .co domain name extension was introduced in 1991 AD and was initially registered for Columbia. Its been later transformed to cc generic TLD name. Vint Blackburn owns the .com domain name.

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