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Collectible Card Trading Platform Alt Raises $75 Million

What is Alt and what does it do?

Alt is an asset trading platform that helps people invest in trading cards.

Who founded Alt?

It was founded Leore Avidar, he remains CEO as of today and is backed by one of Reddit’s founder Alexis Ohanian.

How much has Alt raised?

$75M in Series B and with this series the total valuation reaches $325 million. 

Who has invested in Alt?

The round was led by Spearhead and backed by Seven Seven Six, Vibe Capital, Breyer Capital, Shrug Capital, Apollo ProjectsHyperguap, A*. In addition, a number of individual investors were also involved, the like of Tom Brady, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Alex Morgan, Candace Parker, and Marlon Humphrey.

What domain name does Alt operate on?

The company operates on, unfortunately, its commercial name, which is not Only Alt, and its exact brand match, belongs to a BDSM site at the time of writing.

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