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Saving App Magicpin Raised $60 Million in a Series D Round

What is Magicpin and what does it do?

Magicpin is an app for discovery and savings in offline retail where users can reach out to relevant local customers, highlight their uniqueness, and reward loyal customers.

Who founded Magicpin?

Abhishek Awasthi, Anshoo Sharma, and Brij Bhushan founded the company in 2015 in Gurgaon, India.

How much has Magicpin raised?

Magicpin raised $60 million (about ₹446 crores) in a Series D round that brings the company’s total financing to $104.9 million. The company plans to utilize the funds raised in the investment round to increase its footprint in current areas, establish new markets, and expand across categories, among other things.

Who has invested in Magicpin?

Lightspeed Venture Partners and Zomato.

What domain name does Magicpin operate on?

Magicpin has secured a local country extension domain name

What other domains does Magicpin own?

Magicpin has also invested in the exact brand match domain name This is often the case with global brands or brands that aspire to become global.

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