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Australian E-bikes Manufacturer Zoomo Raised $60 Million in a Series E Round

What is Zoomo and what does it do?

Zoomo is an Australian e-bikes manufacturer that offers micromobility subscriptions.

Who founded Zoomo?

Arwin Soetanto, Michael Johnson, and Mina Nada founded the company in 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

How much has Zoomo raised?

Zoomo recently announced that it raised $60 million in a Series E round. The startup plans to use the funding to expand its services.

Who has invested in Zoomo?

Grok Ventures, Skip Capital, and ArcTern Ventures, and supported by AirTree Ventures, Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Contrarian Ventures, and Maniv Mobility.

What domain name does Zoomo operate on?

Zoomo operates on the domain. The EBM domain doesn’t seem to be resolving.

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