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Drugstoc Has Completed Its Series A Funding Round of $4.4 Million

What is DrugStoc and what does it do?

DrugStoc is a drug platform aiming to deliver quality pharmaceutical products in Nigeria, linking drug companies with institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies.

Who founded DrugStoc?

Chibuzo Opara and Adham Yehia founded DrugStoc in 2015.

How much has DrugStoc raised?

DrugStoc has completed its Series A funding round of $4.4 million. The startup plans to expand its operations outside Nigeria into other markets within Africa.

Who has invested in DrugStoc?

VestedWorld, Liam O’Connor, KFW DEG, and Asia Africa Investment & Consulting.

What domain name does DrugStoc operate on?

DrugStoc has secured for its brand presence online. An exact brand match .com name like is the natural choice of most internet users, making their marketing most effective across all channels.

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