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Corporate Services Startup Sleek Banked $14 Million In Its Latest Funding Round

What is Sleek and what does it do?

Sleek is a corporate services startup that assists businesses with back-office operations such as company secretary services, bookkeeping, payroll, tax advising, and employment visa services, among others.

Who founded Sleek?

Adrien Barthel and Julien Labruyere.

How much has Sleek raised?

Sleek has banked $14 million in its latest Series A funding round. Sleek plans to utilize the new capital to improve its product, hire more people, and pursue new growth opportunities.

Who has invested in Sleek?

Jungle Ventures and White Star Capital led the round.

What domain name does Sleek operate on? is the domain name this startup has chosen to operate on, it is perfectly matching their brand name and the .com extension is what visitors intuitively lean towards when typing a web address.

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