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Thoughtspot Is Valued at $4.2 Billion After a New Financing Round

What is ThoughtSpot and what does it do?

ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence platform that makes real-time business analytics data easy to browse, analyze, and share.

Who founded ThoughtSpot?

Abhishek Rai, Ajeet Singh, Amit Prakash, Priyendra Deshwal, Priyendra Deshwal, Sanjay Agrawal, Shashank Gupta, and Vijay Ganesan.

How much has ThoughtSpot raised?

The company picked up $100 million in a Series F funding round that brings its total financing to $674 million and puts its valuation at $4.2 billion.

Who has invested in ThoughtSpot?

March Capital led the Series F round.

What domain name does ThoughtSpot operate on?

ThoughtSpot has invested in – an exact brand match .com name. This is the natural choice of most internet users and securing that domain for their business is a clear indication that ThoughtSpot is here to stay.

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