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Balderton Sets $600 Million Fund

What is Balderton and what does it do?

Balderton is one of the big four VCs based in London.

Who founded Balderton?

The company has numerous partners, Bernard Liautaud, Tim Bunting, Suranga Chandratillake, Rob Moffat, Daniel Waterhouse, James Wise, David Thevenon, and Rana Yared.

How much has Balderton raised?

$600 million, coming just five months after the creation of a $680 million fund, bringing their total funds in the game to over $1.2 billion.

Who has invested in Balderton?

You wish you knew. What we know is where they themselves invested. They made more than 300 investments in the past 21 years, and 20 investments since the start of this year, including but not only Primer, Hubilo, Beauty Pie, Dream Games.

What domain name does Balderton operate on?

Balderton operates on its exact brand match, Founded in 2000 as Benchmark Capital Europe, Balderton Capital became fully independent in 2007.

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