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Cymbio Picked up $20 Million in Series B Funding Round

What is Cymbio and what does it do?

Cymbio is a B2B dropship automation platform for brands to boost their digital sales.

Who founded Cymbio?

Gilad Zirkel, Mor Lavi, and Roy Avidor.

How much has Cymbio raised?

The company picked up $20 million in a Series B funding round.

Who has invested in Cymbio?

Corner Ventures backed Cymbio.

What domain name does Cymbio operate on?

Cymbio has taken an interesting approach in choosing a domain name by securing .bio is a relatively new top-level domain (TLD) that can be used as a URL extension for many different industries, sciences, and studies. Capita Health care owns the .com domain name.

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