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Medicare Platform Easyhealth Closed a $35 Million Series A Round

What is EasyHealth and what does it do?

EasyHealth is a Medicare platform that uses a risk analytics engine and different medical information to detect possible health issues for its users.

Who founded EasyHealth?

Aaron Schiff and David DuelEasyHealth founded EasyHealth in 2020, initially under the name Medicare Advisors 365. 

How much has EasyHealth raised?

EasyHealth announced today that it had closed a $35 million Series A round for a total of $135 million raised to date ($100 million in credit facility and $35 million in equity financing). 

Who has invested in EasyHealth?

7 investors fund EasyHealth. Nationwide Ventures and Brewer Lane Ventures are the most recent investors.

What domain name does EasyHealth operate on?

EasyHealth has secured the domain name. The exact brand match domain does not seem to be in use.

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