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Gravitiq Announces $55 Million Seed Financing Round

What is Gravitiq and what does it do?

Gravitiq is a healthcare brand aggregator.

Who founded Gravitiq?

The business was founded by Dr. Adam Gunasekara, Sachin Srivastava and Dr. Saurabh Srivastava with a vision rooted in improving the consumer healthcare space on Amazon.

While stuck in a hotel for 14 days during the pandemic, we had the idea of building an online healthcare portfolio that would combine Adam’s and my skills building healthcare companies with Sachin’s M&A background.

Saurabh Srivastava, CEO Gravitiq

How much has Gravitiq raised?

The company closed its seed funding round, raising a total of $55 million.

Who has invested in Gravitiq? 

Investors in this round are CoVenture, Crossbeam Venture Partners and Singh Capital Partners.

What domain name does Gravitiq operate on?

Gravitiq has secured a .com domain exactly matching their brand name – Over 69% of successful companies in the digital health space own exact brand match domain names and 83% have names with the .com domain extension.

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