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Upstream Secures $45 Million Funding Round

What is UpStream and what does it do?

UpStream is a healthcare platform transforming care for seniors.

Who founded UpStream?

The company was founded and is chaired by pharmacist and healthcare entrepreneur Fergus Hoban. The current CEO is Dr. Sanjay Doddamani.

How much has UpStream raised?

The startup raised Series A funding round of $45 million.

Who has invested in UpStream? 

The latest round is led by Dragoneer Investment Group.

What domain name does UpStream operate on?

UpStream operates on The brand is referred to UpStream Care or UpStream in different sources, on their website and their logo they stick to simply Upstream. Elder care has is becoming a very competitive market and brand fragmentation and customer confusion is best avoided.

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